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ללמוד אנגלית

דרך תיאטרון




Are you trying to get your children inspired about learning and speaking English? You're not alone! At least 50% of the families who follow Savannah Kids are not native English speakers.

English is so vital for our children's futures. Any extra-curricular exposure you can offer them will only do them good in the world they will need to navigate.

The richly visual and musical Savannah Kids experience can help learning English become something families can look forward to. The shows are fun, engaging and a great bonding experience and have the bi-product of being extremely educational!

It is possible to attend or book most productions in a learning English for Hebrew speakers format.

When you click on a production, if you see an Israeli flag it means you can book the show for Hebrew speakers with very basic knowledge of English.


It is also possible to order themed shows, some of these productions include:
Colours & Numbers | Animals | Under the Sea | Let's Eat | Getting Dressed | Shapes | ABCs | What's your job? | The Seasons | A trip around the world | Jungle Adventure | The Orchestra | A day at school | Holidays.

In these style of shows I speak a combination of English and Hebrew, often translating myself, so children can get a feel for how to use the language correctly.

All of the shows come with vocabulary lists and worksheets which are available to subscribers to my mailing list. You can also download these on my website.


The performances are interactive - I will ask the children to sing songs with me in English, repeat words to me or address puppets for me in English, count in English and more.

I am very fortunate to be working numerous municipalities all over Israel, who also recognise the importance of exposing the next generation of Israeli children to English from a young age. You can see my schedule of shows on the site homepage.

Here are some upcoming shows that are sponsored by Petach Tikva Municipality:

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