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The Very Cranky Bear
A Savannah Kids adaptation of the story by Nick Bland

Giant Pop Up Book!

Meet the Characters in the story!
All puppets were created by Savannah Zwi

Behind the Scenes

About the storytelling

Learn to read and follow along/sing along with the story "The Very Cranky Bear" by Nick Bland as a song! Featuring a GIANT POP UP BOOK! Bears- They're big, furry, and found in many places around the world. In the Jingle Jangle Jungle, Zebra, Lion, Moose, and sheep meet Bear, who is sleeping in a cave. They try to cheer him up and he gets rather cross - are you ready to ROAR!

This musical storytelling features music written & arranged by PHIL MARKS
Handmade sets, props, and giant pop up book by Savannah Zwi
Video + Vocals by Savannah Zwi Vocal arrangement by Savannah Zwi and Phil Marks

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