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The Gruffalo
A Savannah Kids adaptation of the Julia Donaldson classic
"The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Axel Scheffler performed as an original song. Music composed by Phil Marks.


Download a Gruffalo Vocabulary
Download a Gruffalo Puzzle activity

Download a Gruffalo Mask template

Buy the sheet music and playback for The Gruffalo - inquire here or here

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood,. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good...

In this story we will venture into the woods and meet many interesting creatures including a mouse, an owl, a snake, a fox and maybe even... A Gruffalo! In this production I tell the story with the help of the giant Savannah Kids story book.


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית

Duration: 50 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 2-8 years

Languages: This production is available in English & Hebrew. 


I used patchwork and appliqué techniques, as well as a method cutting sewing big areas of fabric loosely together, cutting out portions, sewing different fabrics into the gaps and then repeating on a smaller and smaller scale. The result is very rich, textured based layer.


The body of the butterfly also integrates gorgeous sparkling jewels and studs. Many of them came from old clothing I don't wear anymore :)

The process to create this piece was hugely time consuming, but very rewarding.


The flowers that grow in the enchanted forest are not ordinary, they spin!
Here’s how I used a cheap spinning flower base (bought in a carnival market) and turned it into a piece of art.

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