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How to Hide a Lion at School
A Savannah Kids adaptation of  the heartwarming story by Helen Stephens

This production features a gorgeous miniature puppet theatre and a bus which transforms into a museum before your eyes!


Iris' teacher, Miss Holland, tells her: "Lions aren't allowed at school!", but Iris is determined that her misunderstood friend won't be left behind.

After Miss Holland finds the lion trying to camouflage himself in her student's artwork she sends him home. But the lion doesn't go home, instead he falls asleep in the morning sunshine on top of the school bus. What he doesn't realise, is that today is the day of the excursion to the museum!

When the class arrive at the museum Iris panics and tries to conceal her rather large friend - she tries to hide him in a plane, between the bones of a dinosaur skeleton, in a grandfather clock, even in a suit of armour - but nothing conceals his bulk and golden fur! Eventually she has the most brilliant idea! She wraps him up in toilet paper and puts him inside an Egyptian sarcophagus.


But alas, the friendly lion always is trying to help, He offers an old lady with a cold a piece of tissue and the fake bandages begins to unravel. Once discovered in the museum he is expelled from the premises!

The children are on their way from the excursion when a strong wind blows a tree in the path of the school bus. What will they do? How will Iris' class get home? Now is the chance for Iris' lion to show the class he can save the day!


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית


In this show the school bus turns into a museum and an adorable theatre of miniature puppets!

Via the Savannah Kids Facebook & Savannah Kids Instagram profiles I called out to parents to send me their children's artworks. The classroom wall background for the show is created from textile art interpretations of all the gorgeous drawings and paintings I received from the followers of my social media pages who responded to the posts. I absolutely loved doing this project and bringing the audience into the set design. There are approximately 30 children's pieces of art represented in this production! See these pieces in the ART page.

Duration: 45 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 3-8 years

Stage requirements: Auditorium stage or large room setting with minimal stage-area dimensions of height 2.5m, width 5m, depth 2m.

Set up time: 3 hours + extra 1/2 hour if I bring stage lighting

Take down time: 2 hours

Sound: Recorded music, live voice

Lighting: Stage-wash (in auditorium) + additional coloured lighting I control with my portable Led stage lights + DMX controller

Languages: This production is available in English & Hebrew.

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