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The Koala Who Could
Based on the story by Rachel Bright

A feelgood story portraying a positive message about facing up to change, something that young children can sometimes struggle with.

Kevin the Koala discovers sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not ...but if you let it, change can be the making of you! 

* This is often a production I link to Australia Day celebrations, I even eat Vegemite with Kevin the Koala on stage!

Duration: 45 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 3-8 years

Stage requirements: Large room setting with minimal stage-area dimensions of height 1.7m, width 3.5m, depth 1.5m.

Set up time: 3 hours + extra 1/2 hour if I bring stage lighting

Take down time: 2 hours

Sound: Recorded music, live guitar, live voice

Lighting: Led stage lights + DMX controller

Languages: English



In the original story by Rachel Bright, Kevin the Koala falls out of his tree because a Woodpecker pecks down the branch he's sitting on.

I adapted this concept to a tree house, and in my production Kevin emerges from his very own little home amongst the branches of a gum tree!

Download a Koala puppet template here.

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