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The Magic Castle ארמון הקסם
An original production Savannah Kids Production

One day in the enchanted forest, a princess and her mischievous friend Bobby stumble upon a witch's washing line.

They decide to take her underpants which are drying on her washing line as a joke.  In retaliation the witch casts a dark spell on the forest. All the trees, flowers and animals disappear leaving the princess lonely, hungry and regretful.

The Magic castle always has the answers for the princess. The castle sends her an apple to eat, but someone is living inside... Having already been selfish once that day the princess decides not to eat the creatures home. But what will she do?


Next appears the spider of second chances. Will this mysterious spider be able to help the princess redeem herself and save the forest?


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית

Duration: 50 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 2-9 years

Stage requirements: Auditorium stage with a rod.

Set up time: 6 hours, ideal to set up day in advance

Take down time: 3.5 hours

Sound: Recorded music, live voice

Lighting: Required

Languages: This production is available in English and Hebrew


I used patchwork and appliqué techniques, as well as a method cutting sewing big areas of fabric loosely together, cutting out portions, sewing different fabrics into the gaps and then repeating on a smaller and smaller scale. The result is very rich, textured based layer.


The body of the butterfly also integrates gorgeous sparkling jewels and studs. Many of them came from old clothing I don't wear anymore :)

The process to create this piece was hugely time consuming, but very rewarding.


The flowers that grow in the enchanted forest are not ordinary, they spin!
Here’s how I used a cheap spinning flower base (bought in a carnival market) and turned it into a piece of art.

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