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Mermaid Birthday Party
An original Savannah Kids production

It's mermaid's birthday, and she prepares for her party. Her friends bring her gifts from the ocean - a pearl from an oyster, a box of treasure from the bottom of the sea brought to her by a hermit crab, even the whales and dolphins compose her a birthday melody. But! Nobody can figure out how to light the birthday cake under the water.

The wise octopus has an idea and calls upon all the glow fish to help solve the problem. They light up the entire coral reef and give the mermaid her biggest surprise yet.

There is a version of this performance which is more interactive and is a very popular choice for children's Mermaid themed birthday parties.


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית

Duration: 45 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 2-8 years

Stage requirements: Auditorium stage or large room setting with minimal stage-area dimensions of height 2.5m, width 5m, depth 2m. 

Set up time: 3 hours + extra 1/2 hour if I bring stage lighting

Take down time: 2 hours

Sound: Recorded music, live voice

Lighting: Stage-wash (in auditorium) + additional coloured lighting I control with my portable Led stage lights + DMX controller

Languages: This production is available in English & Hebrew. 

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