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The Lost Matryoshka Doll
An original Savannah Kids production

An original Savannah Kids musical theatre production based on the popular soviet cartoon about crocodile Gena and the Cheburashka.

It's Gena the crocodile's birthday party and he invites a family of Matryoshka Dolls to the party. They multiply and the smallest doll runs away with the present. Featuring songs in Russian and English, all set against a stunning backdrop inspired by St Basil's Cathedral (The Kremlin) in Moscow.


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית

This songs in the show will be performed in Russian | השירים ברוסית

Duration: 45 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 3-8 years

Stage requirements: Auditorium stage or large room setting with minimal stage-area dimensions of height 2.5m, width 5m, depth 2m.

Set up time: 3 hours + extra 1/2 hour if I bring stage lighting

Take down time: 2 hours

Sound: Recorded music, live guitar, live voice

Lighting: Stage-wash (in auditorium) + additional coloured lighting I control with my portable Led stage lights + DMX controller

Languages: This production is available in English & Hebrew. The songs are performed in Russian.


The backdrop for this performance was inspired by my favourite building - Saint Basil's Cathedral in red square Moscow, Russia‎.

I tried to emulate the incredible colours and patterns in this historical landmark.

The Matryoshka dolls were created as an apron concept. Each one is revealed from inside the big Mama Matryoshka - she was actually inspired by the idea of a Kangaroo pouch! I am not Russian, but my love for the rich culture and people has inspired me to attempt to learn the language. :) Спасибо! я надеюсь встретиться с вами на спектакле!

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