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Adventures in India 
Based on the book The Tiger Skin Rug by Gerald Rose

A  Savannah Kids musical theatre production based on the gorgeous story of The Tiger Skin Rug, set deep in the Indian jungle!

A sad, hungry tiger wanders through the forest, taunted by monkeys. He has no energy to catch prey anymore, and he's not cut out for the Indian jungle. He meets a parrot, she is surprised and grateful he didn't eat her. In return she decides to help him and sends him in the direction of the Raja's palace, where food is plentiful.

Once at the palace the tiger manages to replace himself with the Raja's tiger skin rug and enjoys a life of luxury- eating all he pleases after the Raja and his family go to bed. The servant is suspicious of the rug, as it seems to be getting heavier and heavier every time he takes it out to be cleaned.

The tiger frets, he's getting larger and healthier by the day, starting to look a bit too much like a real tiger and not enough like a rug. What shall he do?

One night some burglars break into the palace to steal the Raja's prized antique sitar and diamond-encrusted sword.

Who will save the Raja? Will the hiding tiger have enough courage to jump to the rescue?


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית

Duration: 50 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 2-8 years

Languages: This production is available in English & Hebrew.


The puppets for this show were all based on illustrations by Gerald Rose. They each have different functionalities, but share the quality of having an indian style jiggle when they are operated! They are very comical and cute characters.

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