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Where the Wild Things Are
A Savannah Kids adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic

Have your own wild rumpus! Download the Savannah Kids Max Puppet template & Wild Things masks


Video credits: Music composed and arranged by Phil Marks | Puppets, props, and video by Savannah Zwi | Vocal arrangement by Savannah Zwi and Phil Marks | Drawings at the end coming out of the soup bowl by Oryan Navon, age 7.

The Savannah Kids Stage Production of Where the Wild Things Are

Our story beings the night Max wore his wolf suit...

Max's mother catches him making mischief and calls him a "Wild Thing" , sending him to bed without his dinner. Wearing his wolf costume, Max travels to an imaginary world where a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures who crown him as their ruler.

Will he ever come home? Will he ever get his dinner!


This production is available in Hebrew | אפשר להזמין את המופע גם בעברית

Duration: 45 minutes

Appropriate for ages: 2-8 years

Stage requirements: Auditorium stage or large room setting with minimal stage-area dimensions of height 2.5m, width 5m, depth 2m.

Set up time: 3 hours + extra 1/2 hour if I bring stage lighting

Take down time: 2 hours

Sound: Recorded music, live voice

Lighting: Stage-wash (in auditorium) + additional coloured lighting I control with my portable Led stage lights + DMX controller

Languages: This production is available in English & Hebrew. 

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